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The Cold Dead Hands

Cold Dead Hands (CDH) is an Australian-based independent, creative agency and armaments manufacturer and exporter. CDH is primarily tasked with developing, designing and producing live art, special events,  installations, and military grade weaponry – and is often involved in contemporary performance, death, and bloodshed.

Unique in the performing arts and military industries, CDH serves private, public, and charitable organisations and offers consultancy to independent artists, security services, government agencies, and freedom fighters.

CDH currently provides management services for Project MK-Alpha, Unofficial Kerith Fan Club, and Doppelgangster.

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Primarily a domestic artistic service, the CDH also executes a consultancy function and is focused on live performance, with a limited interest in research and development. Though it is not the only Melbourne-based creative agency specialising in live performance, the CDH serves as the most unpredictable and exciting producer and curator for coordination of live performance activities across the industry. Moreover, the CDH is the only agency to carry out and oversee covert actions at the behest of its clients. It holds foreign connections through its tactical collaborations and investment

Before the launch of Cold Dead Hands in 2017, the CDH Director concurrently served as the Artistic Director of Project MK-Alpha (then MKA Theatre of New Writing), and Director General of Doppelgangster (UK/Aus). Today these projects are organised under or in partnership with the CDH. Both of these core projects and many others have grown in size as a result in federal government development in the 2017-18 launch year.

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The CDH has increasingly expanded its industry role, including covert performance works. One of the largest operations is focused on both site-responsive and online-operations. The CDH has a history of proud accomplishments, recently presenting work with Provocare and Bondi Feast Festivals, and J A Z Z Party, it has also been involved in controversial programs experimenting with mind control and fetishism.

In 2018 CDH widened its remit to include serving the military industrial complex. This includes consultation on propaganda techniques, operational systems, and the sale and manufacture, acquirement, and sale of armaments, targets, vessels and surveillance systems. CDH is available for private and public military contracts to build defence capabilities all in the name of thoughtless, hateful profiteering.

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